AEA Code of Ethics

An assurance of integrity

American Electrology Association members recognize their responsibility to their patients/clients in adopting and abiding by the association's standards of ethical conduct. They also recognize their responsibility to fellow professional electrologists by acting with the utmost integrity at all times.

Members of the American Electrology Association Inc. shall accept the Code of Ethics as the basic tenet of professional, ethical and moral conduct.

While the Code of Ethics encompasses major ethical and moral statements, members shall also adhere to the Association's Standards of Practice for Electrologists as an adjunct to the Code of Ethics.

Electrologists shall:

  1. Demonstrate professional skills, knowledge and abilities consistent with current recognized and accepted professional standards of practice.
  2. Exercise professional judgment in the evaluation of patients/clients and the use of treatment procedures.
  3. Provide the client with accurate information regarding the profession and the treatment process.
  4. Respect the dignity and confidences of each client.
  5. Use advertising/solicitation methods consistent with ethical and professional values which enable the public to make informed choices.
  6. Seek reasonably and fiscally sound remuneration for services.
  7. Comply with applicable federal, state or local laws and regulations which affect the practice of electrology.
  8. Be loyal and supportive to the Association and strive to assist it in fulfilling its objectives.
  9. Be loyal and supportive to their respective AEA State Affiliated Association.
  10. Respect the dignity and acknowledge the rights and opinions of fellow members.
  11. Strive to achieve board certification status of Certified Professional Electrologist (CPE) as a mark of professionalism.
  12. Maintain professional competence through continuing education.
  13. Participate in activities that promote professional growth and development.
  14. Accept responsibility for reporting alleged incompetence, illegal activities, and/or unethical conduct to the appropriate authorities.
  15. Conduct themselves so as to reflect positively on the profession, its practitioners, and the Association.
  16. Refrain from negatively commenting on another electrologist publicly or by any means including social media.

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